FTP Troubleshooting Guide

TLDR - If you are using the correct password and username and still getting FTP client errors, it is likely there are FTP node issues - simply wait it out. You can confirm this by using the files.000webhost.com file manager. If you get “Log in details not correct” and you are 100% sure you’ve got the correct username and password, this indicates there are FTP node issues - there is nothing to do apart from waiting sadly be it hours or days. Thank you.

Due to the abundance of free users on the 000webhost platform, you may occasionally run into performance issues and outages with the 000webhost file manager and/or FTP access. Not to worry though, as this guide will walk you through some troubleshooting steps in order to ensure your website and connection settings are correct.

If you join our Discord server, you can use watch the #uptime-monitor channel to get live information on FTP issues, if any nodes are facing high traffic you’ll know why you can’t get connected.

Head to 000webhost.com > Website Settings > General and you’ll see the page that displays your correct username and the option to toggle it off/on - it won’t hurt to try this.

If you browse down a bit more you’ll see the Repair button, give this a hit and wait a few minutes before connecting to File Manager / FTP again.

If you manually visit files.000webhost.com you get “Log in details are not correct” then login to 000webhost.com and use the link to log in automatically to File Manager, if you get the error again then it is likely there are FTP issues.

You can change your password via General Settings and wait five minutes then try to log in again, if you again get the message it is likely there are FTP issues.

Using an FTP client to test the details you’ll likely get other errors but if you get a 530 then it generally means the password is BAD.

Make sure your FTP client is configured properly try using plain FTP if TLS isn’t working, try using an empty port and port 21 to see if there is a difference.

"530 Login authentication failed" - The error shows that your FTP hostname, username or password are incorrect.

Your main FTP login details are listed in your Settings > General while logged into 000webhost.com
Your username for FTP is always the part before 000webhostapp.com in your URL for visiting your website.
The hostname is always files.000webhost.com, the password can be reset via the General Settings page on 000webhost.com

"EAI_NONAME - Neither nodename nor servname provided, or not known"

This can be a number of things but we can troubleshoot it first by making sure we are using the correct hostname of files.000webhost.com, failing that we can try using a VPN network, if we can get access via that then something is blocking your access locally on your computer, network or further up the line at your ISP.
We can try using alternative DNS to see if this resolves anything and failing that you can revert to a proxy or VPN until you figure out what local issue is affecting you (sometimes it resolves by itself if a routing issue is fixed along the way for example)

"ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server

Can be a number of things again but by making sure the hostname is 100% correct, then we can check the port number of 21 to see if it works by using that, if not then try using a proxy or VPN, if that succeeds there may be something blocking you locally or the server is busy - try again later.

"FTP connection timed out"

This is normally a local connection issue be it a firewall on your computer, router, or further up the network if you are on one or your ISP may be affecting your connection via FTP. Try using a proxy or VPN, if this solves the issue contact your ISP to see if there is any issues with using port 21 or FTP to remote connect to your files.

FileZilla options to test if you are failing to connect to files.000webhost.com

An option of FileZilla could be to hit File, Site Manager, and add all your correct details in that way and hit “Advanced” and try using the Bypass Proxy option.

Else you can try the “Only use plain FTP” option.

"421 Too many connections, 421 Service Not Available, 421 Home Directory Unavailable"

This error can be shown for a number of reasons if too many connections make sure no one else on your network is also using FTP for 000webhost, i.e. students in a classroom might encounter this error, if you are alone on your network then it may be the 000webhost network is busy, other errors like Home Directory Unavailable, Service Not Available point to a local blockage caused by firewall software or network routing issues. You can try to resolve this yourself by using alternative DNS, the use of a proxy server or a VPN.




After all of the above, if you feel there is something actually wrong with your 000webhost account severely enough that you would like us to check or a developer to investigate then open a thread on the forum and we will do our best to check, if we are able to connect ourselves or using FTP test scripts then the issue will be on your side / your ISP/routing issues that we cannot control.

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Using Discord you can check the uptime-monitor channel
If there are nodes shown as being down, i.e. 15/18 is 3 having too much traffic, so 3 nodes are affected, so this is why your FTP isn’t working or database etc.

If you get this error

Then it is likely nodes are affected, checking the Discord will confirm this most likely.

Wait the traffic out and it will work later.

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Still people are asking -

If you see this error that means FTP is facing issues - as long as you know your password and username is 100% correct and it displays this error - it means FTP is having issues.
You can only wait it out be it hours or more.