Forgot email id and now unable to login


1 or 2 years ago I registered on 000webhost, used free hosting for custom domain, and now I have the user and password of the account to access the cpanel but I don’t remember the email I used.

Is there a way to recover my account or log in with the user instead of the email?

account name: lazyhim (when I created 1st)
Now the same account name was available again, so I chose same.

Please help, Thank you

Hi there so we use email and password to access our control panel.
If you remember the email then you can simply ask for a password reset.

We don’t use usernames/passwords to access our panel so I’m unsure of what you are asking.

I have checked for a website named lazyhim > and this was deleted a long time ago.

If you remember what your email or 000webhostapp URL was then let me know but I’m afraid I am unable to assist with what you’ve provided so far.

000webhost free plan users are also deleted if you don’t login once per month so it is most likely your account has already been deleted since you mention 1 or 2 years ago.

I am certain that 2 years back you had cpanel access by login name only, email-id was not required as my browser saved the login by username only.

Also, my website is working perfectly fine, except the SSL certificate. I needed to reapply for it. If account was deleted, then for sure hosting account should also not be working. Whole website must have been deleted as well.


Please advise.

I mean we changed to a new panel in 2016 but even then the previous panel was email and password combination too.

I find no results for that domain you’ve provided at all.

If that domain you’ve given is correct it would appear it is hosted somewhere else.