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Elam Stoltzfus was a recipient of the Escape To Create at Seaside - Artist in Resident program in January and February - 2014. This opportunity allowed Elam and support team to collect a series of on-camera video interviews, video clips of several dune lakes and learn more about the region.


If you have ideas, information or interest in this project, please let us know. We are committed in creating partnerships, sharing information and educate an audience about the coastal dune lakes of Walton County.

Natural Wonders

Only a few places in the world can lay claim to nature's rare Coastal Dune Lakes. New Zealand's Northland, Australia's Queensland, Madagascar, and Florida's Northwest Gulf Coast are home to these natural wonders. This alone qualifies them as an incredibly rare phenomenon, worthy of discovery and exploration.

The coastline of Northwest Florida is known as one of the "world's most beautiful beaches". The lakes are generally permanent water bodies, although water levels may fluctuate substantially due to rain, groundwater seepage through the surrounding coastal sands, and storms. Sand dunes ranging in height from a few feet to more than 30 feet separate the lakes from the Gulf of Mexico.